Undergraduate Technical Staff
On-Campus Part Time Semester & Full Time Summer Position


UMIACS is seeking highly motivated undergraduate students to work as part of its technical staff. The UMIACS technical staff provides network and system administration, helpdesk support, deploys and maintains hardware, software, information systems, and research support for the Institute's 80+ faculty and 1200+ computer network environment, as well as the CS department.

Institute Information

The UMIACS computing environment is a heterogeneous mix of diverse computers running Linux, Windows, and macOS operating systems, a 6000+ port network with equipment from various vendors, and numerous enterprise storage systems. Our computing deployment consists of administrative desktop computers, technical workstations, Nvidia GPU computing clusters, web services, large-scale database deployments, mobile devices, and a variety of other equipment. Some of our more uncommon installations include a 3D video acquisition studio, multiple 100+ TB filesystems, a cloud storage system, and a backup system capable of holding approximately 1.7 PB of data.

Position Details

Student responsibilities start with providing frontline technical support to users, setting up new hardware, removing old hardware, and physically installing support infrastructure. With time on the job and experience, student responsibilities can grow to include planning, design, configuration, and maintenance of advanced hardware, software, and network components. Students are exposed to a wide variety of operating systems, development tools, and applications. Opportunities exist for highly motivated students to work closely with our research programs and related emerging technologies.

Our student staff positions are pre-professional positions that will help anyone hoping to pursue a career in many of the computer related fields. Highly motivated students will get the opportunity to have hands on experience with many enterprise-level systems that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Many of our former student staffers have found that their experiences have helped them with their later course work. Additionally, our positions provide great flexibility in scheduling to make it easier for students to meet their academic commitments.


Candidates should be well versed in basic computer use, familiar with basic computer hardware and software setup and configuration, have a strong desire to learn, and be capable of handling a fast paced environment. Advanced administrative experience is not required, but candidates with enterprise Linux or Windows experience are encouraged to apply.

There are no active hiring rounds for this position.