UMIACS Accounts

Full UMIACS Accounts will have two passwords a UNIX Kerberos5 password and a Windows Active Directory account. These are both set to your initial password from your account request but you must change both if you wish for them to be syncronized.

Change your UMIACS Keberos5 Password

Used to login to Linux, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu computers within UMIACS. Kerberos5 also controls access to IMAP email, Wikis, Object Storage, GitLab and Subversion.

Kerberos5 Password »

Change your Windows Active Directory Password

Your Windows Active Directory password controls login access to Windows computers within UMIACS. Windows Active Directory also controls access to Exchange email and the VPN.

Active Directory Password »

UMIACS Collaboration Accounts

UMIACS Collaborator Accounts are accounts that are now a simlple one account to share many of UMIACS resources. This includes source code management (GitLab), Object Storage, Wikis and more.

Change your UMIACS Collaborator Account Password

UMIACS provides Collaborator accounts to allow users to work with off-site users. This account can access GitLab, Object Storage and be part of Security Groups.

Collaborator Password »

Change your UMIACS Application Resource Passwords

Application Resource accounts are our legacy collaboration account, passwords are unique for each Application Resource that is created.

Application Resource Passwords »