UMIACS Technical Staff would like to introduce an easier way to reset forgotten passwords. As of today, we have expanded our password app with a "Forgot your password" feature that will allow users to reset their password at any time provided we have a mobile phone number and a secondary email address on file. Both of these pieces of information are not visible or searchable by anyone but yourself and UMIACS Staff.

There are three steps to reset a forgotten password:

  1. Visit [0] and enter your username and mobile phone number.
  2. Provide the six-digit code sent to your phone.
  3. You will receive a secure link in your secondary email to set a new password.

What actions you should take now

Please ensure that you have a mobile phone number and a secondary email listed in your directory information[1] in order to use the password recovery feature. For your account security Staff will never set or modify these pieces of information for you.

For users that do not meet these requirements

If you haven't or are unwilling to set these attributes on your account the fallback methods are the same. You must come to the UMIACS Help Desk in room 3142 A.V. Williams Building with a photo ID. If you are unable to then a PI must stop by the UMIACS Help Desk to reset the password on your behalf. Then the PI is responsible for conveying the password to you in a secure manner. (i.e. Telephone, where they could identify you by voice)

If you have any questions about password resets, please let us know.

-- UMIACS Technical Staff

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