Remote Access
Exchange Mail
Webmail for Exchange users. Please enter "pc\username" as your username and your password when prompted.
UMIACS Roundcube IMAP Webmail
SFTP Web Client
An SFTP client, requires Java plug-in.
UMIACS Account Requests
UMIACS Passwords
Search the UMIACS Directory
Search for e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and room numbers of UMIACS employees.
Update Your Directory Information
Update your UMIACS directory info and change e-mail forwarding options.
View Your UNIX Groups
List and manage your UNIX groups.
View Your Computational Resources (CRs)
List, get information and manage the computers you can log into in UMIACS and their users.
View Your Application Resources (ARs)
List, get information and manage access to Wikis, Subversion repos, Git repos and other application resources in UMIACS.
UMIACS Resources
Upcoming Events
Online calendars for UMIACS events and seminars series.
UMIACS Homepage
UMIACS homepage: containing publications, faculty bios, and lab information.
UMIACS Technical Wiki
Information, How-to's and FAQ's regarding UMIACS's computing facilities.
Equipment Reservation
Reserve laptops and other equipment ahead of time.
Support Requests
File and track your open support tickets to staff through the Jira Issue Tracker.
Administrative Resources
Links to important administrative sites.

PGP public key for the intranet services
UMIACS CA Root Certificate (CRT - Most browsers)
UMIACS CA Root Certificate (PEM)
UMIACS CA Root Certificate (PKS#7)